Research & Development

We are dedicated to finding you the best fabrics  through our research & development stages. Through our methods, we can provide you with fabric sourcing  options, trims, and ancillary elements.

Buying & Warehouse managment

Once the initial stage is finished, we provide the fabrics/materials necessary for the development of the project, the management of orders, and the  warehouse. We have a wide range of trusted suppliers who believe and are committed to the 'made in Italy' tag as much as we are.

Pattern making

The pattern creation starts from the customer's sketch and is the starting point to build any large project. We can create the pattern from your sketch, or digitize it from your materials.

4 CAD systems: Lectra and others with data export to DXF, MDL, AAMA, ASTM, ISOCUT, HPHL, digital camera digitizing system: IntelliDI by Eurostaff Sistem.


Our cutting technique is modern, and using the latest machinery enables us to be sustainable by reducing consumption to guarantee the optimization of  materials.

Our tools include the latest generation Automatic  Spreading and Cutting System Integrated  Management System with Industry 4.0 certification, Automatic Cad positioning systems: Texcut/Autonester, two highspeed plotters, Internal rotary adhesive press, two press adhesive presses.


Sewing is where craftsmanship is combined with production. We develop high-quality samples, products, and prototypes.

We have two split and autonomous packaging lines:  prototype and production. Our machines include 15 linear, 1 cover for knitwear, 3 for zigzag  processing, 2  for sleeve application, 1 veneering machine, 1 for interlocking processing, 3 for  transport, 1 AMF, 3  overlocks, 1 buttonhole machine, 1 eyelet machine, 1  button attachment, 1 rafter, 1 for snap button application, 1 thermonastrating machine of the latest generation,  1 shoulder strap applicator, 1 for pockets/ threads, 1 strobel for external sub-stitch and internal  sub-stitch, 1 for saddle stitch, 1 predisposed for edging, irons, 2 machines for printing labels  composition.

Control & logistic

Through our network of international forwarding  companies we provide you with seamless technical control and garment shipment services.
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