"Sartorial know-how, artisanal ability and a gaze towards innovation
are at our heart; as is our awareness of contemporary style, of trends and evolutions in fashion.
We are garments engineers, since 2000.””

- Silvia & Luigi, Founders of Rebby -


Rebby is a company based in San Zenone degli  Ezzelini (TV), providing you a 360° service in clothing
. The company specializes in  prototyping and garment production.

Rebby treats every item with the utmost care, and their attention to detail is unprecedented and  specifically tailored to the fast pace of the high fashion sector.

Starting from initial concept ideas, sketches, and prototypes, here at Rebby, we study and develop garments to make sure that they are ready to be  manufactured and sold to the market.

They are professionals who are flexible, efficient,  passionate, and focused, and provide a dedicated service that is unique and truly personalized.

At Rebby, we don't aim for good; we strive for perfection.


From the sketch to the final product, we carry out your projects from the beginning to the end. we do it all, from developing prototypes to making samples, and even creating products for mass production. we guarantee you we will fulfill your needs with precision and perfection.

Research & Development



Buying & Warehouse managment

Pattern making

Control & logistic



We are a boutique company made of artisans: our  industriousness and craftsmanship set us apart from large industrial manufacturers.

Thanks to our high level of specialization and our ability to solve functional problems quickly, we are a top choice in the industry and have a growing global clientele.
We are made in italy

We have been carrying sartorial and hand crafted tradition

Our team offers technical and creative support

We believe in team work

We appreciate research and innovation

We choose transparent practices

We guarantee privacy and confidentiality

We support sustainability


Rebby is committed to providing the highest quality materials and dedicated to client satisfaction. Expert artisans develop our products, which are all authentically made in Italy.We have the answers and provide solutions that respond to the growing demands of our clients.

Our apparel abilities include down jackets, outerwear, trousers, skirts, and shirts. From ready-to-wear to haute couture and anything in between, at Rebby, we can do it all.

In our production laboratories we do not only work with standard garments, but we specialize in some special processes, including: heat-sealed garments, dyed garments, garments with special washes, embroidery, applications and quilting.

"Made in Italy is all about fine quality,
authenticity and a sense of style internationally praised".

- Silvia & Luigi, Founders of Rebby -

“Massimizzare l'estetica e la
funzionalità, questo è in
definitiva ciò che facciamo".

- Silvia & Luigi, Founders of Rebby cs -

"Rebby proudly  collaborates with a  wide range of  international clients from all around the world".

- Silvia & Luigi, Founders of Rebby cs -


Every year you can find us at Milano Unica, the international textile fair in Milan, Italy.

You can also experience our headquarters in San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Italy. Click here to book your visit.

We look forward to meeting you!


Via Caozocco, 21 31020
San Zenone degli Ezzelini TV
Phone: +39 0423 969708
Email: info@rebbycs.com
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