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Rebby’s history starts at the beginning of this millennium; it is the story of two young people who placed a bet on Made in Italy skill and craftmanship at a time in which instead, many entrepreneurs were offshoring.

It is the story of Silvia and Luigi, who decided to bring together artisans specialized in creating quality product and dedicated to the search for perfection: cutters, seamstresses, pattern makers.These experts of “hand-made” garments have operated in the industry for many years with passion, with commitment, with quality work.

At the time, it seemed like a reckless gamble, but it was that vision which guided Silvia and Luigi.

With this purpose, they have reached their first objective: become a privileged supplier of the world’s great fashion houses.

Rebby builds a strong professional collaboration with its Clients, a confidential dialogue finalised towards a single goal: ensuring that the finished garments are exceptional.


Rebby stands out in the market because it is high specialization and, in particular, due to its ability to solve operative problems pertaining to haute couture garments.It is a small, Italian company of artisans; its industriousness and craftmanship form the defining elements of the firm, setting it apart from large industrial manufacturers.

It continuously develops its expertise, evermore honing its techniques, so that it can serve the growing demands of its international clientele.

It offers itself as a technical supporter that is able to face the difficulties pertaining to the creation of garments, thus enabling the Client to reach corporate objectives in the defined timeframe and manner.


Rebby is constantly committed towards quality improvement and Client satisfaction, supplying solutions that are characterized by artisanal, Made in Italy authenticity; solutions that respond to growing demands.

It is in accordance to these values that Rebby has implemented its Code of Ethics, transferring the same principles to all of the people who operate both within as well as outside its walls.