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Sartorial know-how, artisanal ability and a gaze towards innovation are at our heart; as is our awareness of contemporary style, of trends and evolutions in fashion.
Our company is a dynamic and practical reality, specialized in the study and development of garment styles based on the Client’s sketch, as well as in the creation and fulfilment of proto samples or other garments.
Unique pieces are given shape, thanks to the creative idea, to our multi-annual expertise in the fashion sector, and to the use of state-of-the-art tools and solutions.
To flexibility and efficiency, we add a mixture of brilliance and entrepreneurship, so that we can offer the Client a service which is dedicated, unique and personalized, always impeccable.


Made in Italy

We produce and create garments for great international fashion houses entirely in Italy. Our seamstresses’ professionalism and expertise assure the world-renown and elevated level of quality of the final product.

Teamwork and creativity

We work side by side with our Client’s creative and development professionals, contributing to the perfecting of the proto sample, and finalizing it into a production garment when necessary. We are next to the Client with our advice and our material participation.

Privacy and cofindentiality

We contribute in the construction of garments conceived by great designers while guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality. Our business processes are structured accordingly, and our personnel adheres to a specific ethics code.

Code of ethics

In 2018 Rebby approved its first Code of Ethics as an integral component of its organisational model and management. It has entrusted to this document the reference to its own founding values, as guidelines for its administrators, its personnel and its partners. As such, it is a guiding light for clients and suppliers.

Research and innovation

Rebby pursues constant improvement by reacting continuously to the outside world and by searching for innovative solutions, aware of any practical usefulness which can be passed on to the Client. Rebby staff operate with commitment and dedication, actively participating in this process.

Rebby and the common good

Respect for the environment and the saving of energy are guidelines for our daily activities as well as for the continuous improvement of the company. Rebby cares about the future generations.